Why Does Everyone Want to Be a Pilot?


Only a Few Pass the Exam

Getting into the aviation industry isn’t as easy as many people think. Driving a plane is nothing like driving a car. With that in mind, it’s logical to assume that the tests are much more rigorous. These tests are complex, and your score is indicative of your overall abilities.


To pass, you have to have quick reflexes and a strong mind and body. This sounds very easy, so how come many people don’t even pass the exam? The answer is simple. Have you ever seen the inside of the pilot cabin? There are so many buttons! Plus, you have to know how to react in various situations.


To go through these tests, you have to commit a lot of your time and effort to learning all there is to know about planes. So, having a reason why you want to become a pilot is essential because that’s what will help you achieve your goal.

High Morale and Respect are Earned

So, if you’re now asking yourself: “What’s the reason why I should be a pilot?” maybe you can find the answer in respect. People see the hardships people go through to become pilots. Well, these are the hardships they choose to be able to reap other pilot benefits. Still, everyone thinks that pilots deserve respect. Their hardships aren’t the only reason for that, but the fact that they can get people places safely.

When you enjoy so much respect, it’s natural for your morale and ego to increase. There’s nothing wrong with being confident and disciplined as a pilot. In fact, you need this confidence when you make decisions. Having an indecisive pilot is probably the worst thing that can happen to any plane and all passengers in it. This is especially the case when the pilot has to make a quick decision.

Opportunities to Travel

One of the big pros of being a pilot is having the opportunity to travel around the world. Many people love traveling, consider it a lifestyle, and have some places on their bucket lists. 


When you’re a pilot, you don’t have to dream of traveling because you’re doing it as part of your work. The good thing is that you aren’t only flying the plane from one place to another. You also get to stay and explore the country you fly to and from. 


The beauty of being a pilot is seeing all parts of the world and getting paid handsomely for it. We would all love to do that, but only a few go through the pilot training and get to live their dreams. Pilots don’t even need vacation time because it feels like they go on a vacation every time they work.

Higher Salary

Now, let’s talk about pilot salaries. Being an airplane captain pays really well. In fact, the salaries are so good that you don’t ever have to worry about being in debt. Some captains even make six-figures yearly, and that says a lot about this job. On average, a monthly salary is around $5,000, which is quite enough to live decently.


On the other hand, many say that being a pilot can come with some cons regardless of the money they’re making. More often than not, pilots have small friends and family circles because they can’t keep up with them. They might be traveling and seeing beautiful places, but it’s rare for them to catch a break and enjoy their hometown. So, if you want to become a pilot, think of this salary as something you won’t have to share with many people.

They Aim to Overcome Their Fear

You’d be surprised how many aspiring pilots have a fear of heights or flying. This fear isn’t uncommon, and many aspiring captains are looking to conquer it. Usually, people run away from their fears and don’t like to face them at all. Contrarily, these brave people face their fears every day. 


For many people, overcoming their fears means getting to know them. So, to overcome your fear of heights or flying, you have to know what it’s like to be that high up. Many captains find it helpful to know all there is to know about a plane, too.


This doesn’t make them unreliable as captains, though. By the time they start piloting the plane, they will be over their fears already. So, airline companies and passengers can always rely on them to fly safely.

A Chance to See a Stunning View

Many aspiring pilots don’t have any idea how vast the world is and have the desire to see it from a different perspective. To do that, they have to learn how to fly. This is the only way for them to realize what else is out there in the world. One of those things is stunning views. 


If you’ve never been on a plane, you’ve probably seen the pictures people take from them. These views include pretty skies, sunsets, sunrises, fluffy clouds, and bird-eye views of the ground below.


Pilots can see these views every time they’re on the job. While these views are easy on the eyes, it’s beneficial to see them because they can completely shift one’s perspective. 


The grandeur of the world can really make any problem you’re having seem small. This is how pilots stay relaxed and quick on their feet when there’s a problem. These views allow them to clear their minds and not think about any problems back home.

Hotel and Restaurant Privileges

So, what do pilots do every time they land in a new country? They aren’t flying back immediately, so they have to stay somewhere. Captains have a great salary, but they’re not spending it on fancy accommodation in every country they go to. In fact, they get exclusive accommodation, privileges, and treatment for free. That’s right! The company they work for is paying for their hotels and restaurants no matter where they go.


You might think this is a waste of the company’s money, but being rested is imperative for both captains and the crew. Falling asleep behind a car wheel is dangerous enough, but falling asleep while piloting an airplane could be even worse. This is why and how companies ensure their pilots have all they need to fly a plane safely.